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Swolen Big Toe Trobbing

Suono nelle mani. L'arte di Tommaso Niglio, il libro di Antonella Mazzilli

sound in the hands. The art of Thomas Niglio.
's book Antonella Mazzilli

"There has never happened to be fascinated by music which will overwhelm the first cascade of notes and only then, begin to consider the meaning of words, discovering that the melody of the work flows mainly from the essence of words and poetry ... that without the help of powerful sounds v'avrebbe never reached the heart?
Well, probably the same feeling you browse in this book that will carry you in Vienna made a carousel of memories in black and white in bright colors that become the reality of joyful and wonderful handmade creations.
thus allowing your eyes access to the poetry of memories of a family of Matera, humble and great for what it has produced. Cuckoo, small wonders of sounds archaic forms childlike imagery and colors, emblems of an old familiar sound, born from the hands of the pride father who modeled the shapeless mass of clay from the kiln in which he had spent all day working under the watchful eyes of the children curious and dreamy . This was the final appointment of a frugal dinner around a large wooden table, but not enough of a family of ten. Thomas Niglio represents the third generation of builders of whistles, family tradition was born probably in the mid nineteenth century by the founder Grandpa Joseph. Secrets reached by Thomas and Thomas sent to his brother Francesco represent the continuity of ancient knowledge.
With this we want to give a concrete proof to those who, with his hands and his heart, was able to give sound clay.
The books are sold in stationery Liantonio Via Lucania 16 in Matera and online at
cover price € 19.00

edition: LaStamperiaEdizioni - Liantonio
dim. 365 pages 21x21

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The author of the book:
Antonella Mazzilli was born in 1965 in Matera. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in visual communication work putting in all his experiences from drawing and painting to photography to get and use of new multimedia tools. Each of his research project includes a basic historical development and a very personal and original.
Today, married and mother of two sons, Antonio Mazzilli "plays" through their creativity with reality that surrounds it by digging into the past with a careful look at this. Research, irony, abstraction, rhetoric are the ingredients of its graphic design and artistic ability to surprise and make people think.


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