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Biennale Internazionale del Fischietto in Terracotta 2011 - CANOVE DI ROANA (VICENZA)

10a Biennale Internazionale del Fischietto in Terracotta

April 24, 2011

Here is the announcement of the Biennale on the whistle in Terracotta Canove of Roanoke.
All information on this announcement (brochure with the invitation card, membership card and accompanying whistles) can be downloaded from

Art 1
Participation in the 10 th Biennial Terracotta Whistle - Sagra dei Cuchi - Feast of San Marco - in Canove of Roanoke (Vicenza) is open to all who will present their works in terracotta and ceramics characteristic of the whistling. 2

Art Biennale participants will present a minimum of three and maximum of six pieces. The works must not exceed the following measures 20x15x15 cm. The whistles that exceed these measures will be excluded from the Biennale. Article 3

Each submitted work must bring carved or written under the base name and surname of the author. 4

Art works remain on display from April 24 to May 15, 2011, in the Council Chamber of City Hall in Canove of Roanoke and then from June 1 to September 30, 2011 at the Museum Cuchi of Cesuna. Article 5

is not permitted to authors selling the whistles participating at the Biennale in the period of exposure to the public. Article 6

The application form, completed in its entirety, must be submitted to the Secretariat of the Biennale without fail by 12 April 2011, possibly also by fax or e-mail

Article 7 The works entered must be delivered or sent prepaid, at the headquarters of the secretariat of the "10th International Biennial Terracotta Whistle" in Via XXVII Aprile, 16-36010 Cesuna (VI) by April 20, 2011. Article 8

The works entered will be examined and evaluated by a qualified Selection Committee. Certificates of participation will be given to all the authors.
Article 9
The jury assessed the personalities of the potters through the works examined will award the following prizes:
1 º classified 1000 €
2 º ranked 600 €
3rd ranked 400 €
The organizers set up three prizes of 300 € will be allocated by same jury
• Best Foreign whistle. • Best
modeled according to tradition.
• Best innovative whistle. Article 10

The accession to the Review authorizing the organization to play for the printing of books and posters, without payment copyright, the works involved. To the poster of the XI th Review will be used, as usual, the work of 1 classification. Article 11

is also set up a prize of € 350 awarded by a jury. The counting of view, duly signed and collected in the month of July-August, in a special ballot box will be sealed, at 16:00, 31 August, the Mayor of Roanoke, or its trustee. When you finish counting, the ballots will be retained by the management of the "Museo dei Cuchi" in a separate sealed envelope, for a period of two years.

Article 12 The works of the potters winners in all categories of awards, together with the group by each individual artist, will remain the property of the festival that is committed to giving her the "Museo dei Cuchi" for their conservation and display. Article 13

's option, the authors of the works do not give awards to the same review that is committed to allocate as in paragraph 12 above. Otherwise, the works will remain available to the authors for two months after the end of exposure (September 30, 2011). After the above terms without any works to be withdrawn, the authors automatically lose their property rights. Article 14

organizers, while ensuring the utmost care and attention in the conservation and custody of the works, do not assume any liability for any damage or theft during transport, that the periods of exposure.

Article 15 Participation in the 10 th International Biennial Terracotta Whistle implies the unconditional acceptance of all provisions of this Regulation.
not charge any fee.


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