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Tiziana Prontera "The dragon and the sea "The Night of the Muses

"The Dragon and the Sea of \u200b\u200bProntera TIZIANA
Opera Narrative (108 pp.)
Horizon Publishing - Pulsano, 2008

Emulates St. George, Tiziana Prontera suppresses the Dragon, fed by unconscious fears, returning under the star Flavia, and our, the embrace ristoratore del Mare, nido caldo e fecondo, in cui passato, presente e futuro si fondono, cristallizzando istantanee di crome e versi.

Co-protagonista indiscusso del romanzo, il Mare veste, metaforicamente e pragmaticamente, i panni di un terapista gratuito (a portata di piedi), che svela e disvela gli altalenanti equilibri di una vita consumata fino al midollo. Emblema della donna del terzo millennio, Flavia, perennemente in bilico, funambola avanza sul filo strappato alla primavera della vita.
Novella Wendy, cerca la sua isola nei fantasmi dell’amore passato o tra gli ambigui presagi di Morfeo; nel sorriso o negli occhi logorroici e schietti dell’amica giunta dalla Russia; nelle carezze o nell’estasi dell’amico more intimate, in an early rebellion against the traditions of mom and dad, equilateral angle and catheter of the triptych, in the air of love in the family home, but not the biological passport and visceral. The horizon

polynomial last literary effort of TIZIANA Prontera, a talented writer and poet originally from SAVA (TA), limits and overflows the banks of a pond, polyphonic and multi-faceted, in which the reader of all ages swimming with ease and trade, because breathing, heart and stroke by Flavia and Tiziana are synchronous. The author uses eighteen different keys (one per chapter) to open the "treasure chest tin '- forces of oblivion in which the protagonist, on the route of Pandora, keeps hope - and outlines and expands, with pen never redundant or convoluted, flashbacks and digressions from the chromaticism sometimes melancholy, sometimes enchanted, sometimes symphonic. The author, through a light, easy to use prose, leads us to hand in the labyrinths of the soul of a heroine of our time, enlightened by a vision of another, a magic lens, poetic, at times surreal, which allows understand that, basically, "time does not exist" and that "love is like pasta."

literary works of great merit, "The Dragon and the Sea" has an issue of respect, edited by Horizon Books, and a graphic that discovers, thanks to the intuition of the Artistic Director ANNA MARIA Tanucci the luxury of simplicity and immediacy and the value of the prismatic and chameleon-like white, pure and spontaneous mix of light and refraction. In symbiosis and osmosis emotions and metaphors with the author, the Cultural Association Hermes gave the Maecenas DINA TURKISH - writer born in Pulsano (TA), art critic and contemporary literature, as well as owner of Horizon Publishing - one of three Special Prizes "Tin Soul", 2008, the IV Edition HERMES Art Festival, for his excellent work in the packaging work of fiction.

Luigi PIGNATELLI - Taranto, 13 ottobre 2008


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