Friday, October 24, 2008

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that kiss ... TRIBUTE TO JAMES

That kiss ...
(third place - Hermes Award 2008 1st edition - Poetry section)
AUTHOR: Emily D'Ettorre

" That kiss ... A poem of great pathos in the user transmits the same emotions that inspired the poet. Emilia D'Ettorre chisel with his pen, like a skilled brush painting, timeless emotions. A wealth images and emotions that arouse in the player beats the secrets of her soul. Poem descriptive of those who can tell and who knows how to explain, in writing, rich culture, very unsettled. A poetry that enlightens and draws inspiration from the hidden harmonies of the soul of the poet. An elegant and refined style. "
ND Baroness Elisa Silvatici
Commission President

I'm here to listen

the waves crashing on the rocks ...

sitting idle waiting for you

understand how I feel about you ...
and I hope that

beyond the sea there is little hope for
noi due.

Spero che il cielo ti sussurri che amo solo te...

Seduta su questo dannato scoglio
guardo le onde del mare infrangersi
e trasformarsi in schiuma alla riva.

Penso al bacio che mi ha donato.

Noi due,
sorriso dopo sorriso,
abbraccio dopo abbraccio,
parole dopo parole...

Ricordo il profumo
e le parole
e la canzone L’AMORE
che tu dedicasti a me
e che mi ha fatto innamorare
follemente di te.

E vorrei che nessuno si intromettesse
nella nostra piccola ma per noi grande storia d'amore.

Ricordo quei momenti
come se li avessimo vissuti ieri.

Una lacrima I line the face and scream
the sea that I love
in the hope that the wind bring you these words of mine!


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