Friday, October 24, 2008

2005 Road Runner Travel Trailer18'


Tribute to Giacomo Leopardi
(runner-up - Hermes Award 2008 1st edition - Poetry section)
Author: Manuel Roche

"Omaggio a Giacomo Leopardi interpretation is revisited with the irony of the poem The Sabbath of the Village the poet from Recanati. An irony not irreverent, but adapted to today's world, our everyday life. Perhaps an underlying challenge in having desecrated a poet hailed by ministers of Fine Arts. The author has made explicit a theme of great originality with modern art. "
ND Baroness Elisa Silvatici
Commission President

green hills and flowered

on the door of a shrine maiden
mimics a curtsy;

with her hair tied with roses and violets.

Chairs and tables in the courtyard

pleased I want food to lucky patrons.

For succulent food menu

marzipan sweets

Viennese cakes and lemon sorbet closes the hearty meal.

Here, it appears the famous ice cream taster,
Giacomo Leopardi

in the company of Ranieri

concludes his dessert with regret.

Thus, the dream fades:

the hill,
the hermitage,
the maiden,
roses and violets, the food

mark a trail of smoke

going to strengthen its shadowy mood ,
humor that always generates
and feeling so much fuss,
around the forum,
of Ministers of Fine Arts.


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