Saturday, May 26, 2007

Price Per Foot Retaining Wall

Energy from Solar Panels (Skypecasts)

the Net are a lot of useful information on the ' photovoltaic panels ', for example just go on Google.

Personally I had already spoken in this small space web, today returned to the issue because I like to organize a beautiful Skypecasts where each participant brings their own experience and / or knowledge on the subject.

Here are the links if you want to participate, the first appointment is tomorrow morning at 11:00 local .... 27/05/2007 if we are many and if there is interest we will repeat the experience ....

I also thought about sending some email invitation to people I know and I know that interested in what (I hope I do not take it as spam ..)
of 27/05/2007 at 15:00: .... eh, the Murphy's Law, when you organize something on the Net for the next day ... then you turn on the PC and you find that DOES NOT ... and series of expletives ... missed appointment ... Sorry, new appointment for 28/05/2007 at 22:00 about .... this direct link to Google Calendar.

UPDATE 28/05/2007 at 14:00 of: turning the net I found these 3 video files that I think of some interest: -----------------
Video of the Conference of the buying group on solar panels held Sunday, May 13 2007 ad Alcatraz (registrazione del pomeriggio): con la partecipazione di Jacopo Fo, Maurizio Fauri, Stefano Andreani.

Pannelli fotovoltaici e "Conto Energia", alla luce delle ultime disposizioni introdotte dal Ministro Bersani. Conviene o no mettersi sul tetto una minicentrale solare per il proprio fabbisogno elettrico, e per guadagnarci addirittura?

Convegno avvenuto il 15 Aprile a Boffalora Sopra Ticino organizzato dal comune stesso con la collaborazione dell'Assessore all'Ambiente Ivo Colombo. Argomenti trattati: "The new ENERGY ACCOUNT opportunity for the government and the private sector." Rapporteur: Mr. Silvano Benitti "The role of municipalities to promote energy efficiency in buildings" Speaker: Mr. Luca Bertoni (technical administrator and SACERT CA)

-------------- ------------------------- UPDATE
23:45 hours of 29/05/2007: We were not a lot last night, I thought anyway repeat the experiment: MONDAY, 04/06/2007 22:00 pm about us grievances here ...



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