Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Differences Between Ceramic Bearings.

desperate appeal

I know .. the title is a bit strong, but it is a deliberate provocation .... ask readers of this little web space:

or not there a way legal or not (?) of the so-called ABOLISH REALITY SHOW in your television screen?
.... I do the 'list? , No ... just turn on the TV at any time.

I am willing to even PAY , just oozing that this term has rimbecillisce viewers every day more ...

seemed there was a decline in recent years the ratings had fallen a little (but still too much), a decrease largely offset by increased stupidity ... no, the only way is to remove the balls defined.

In this regard I was already stated above: 1 , 2, 3

A simple search on Google the phrase "enough reality show" more than 1600 results, of course someone else might think like me ...

Remember who follows a reality show also poisons you, tell him to stop.

Ps: advance any comments that may be written below: WANTED these few lines are an offense against those who follow this kind of television.



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