Thursday, February 22, 2007

Suspended License In Ohio Moving To Illinois

think, I think ... and online (

... I had spoken , polemical tones, some time ago ....

This evening, in full regalia, the TG2 Rai in the late evening presented a service that describes the launch and the presence of the online portal ...

remember that this domain is registered since 2004, which had been allocated 40 million Dollars for the development of the Portal. To date this announcement
is no longer online, but is available to its copy here (dated May 14, 2006).

I did a quick spin on the site, but frankly, it seemed a bit 'confusing' (extensive use of Flash and Java), impractical to navigate (for me that NOT use IE) ...
probably for the rush ... maybe a spin and let us see a little bit like operation ..


Update 23/02/2007: I read this morning ' interesting article on Point Computer ... are evidently not the only one have expressed some concern about '' ....

Update 27/02/2007: not a day goes by that you do not read criticism, sometimes the most bitter and sarcastic, about the online presence of the portal ' ' .... reading here this evening and I come across (on ) in what I believe to be the best outlet for c. .. , That is this:

Click on image to view in a larger 'visible'



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