Thursday, February 8, 2007

Booster Seat Table Hook-on Best

aridaglie .................. (SKY Italy)

... and if it passes this makes four! ... therefore as many convictions for false advertising against Sky Italy.

The last complaint in order of time and ' Adiconsum , a step taken from the same site of Consumer:

'ADVERTISING' MISLEADING: Adiconsum again denounced SKY Antitrust for misleading advertising. The advertising campaign is indicted on SKY to 11 €.
In fact, through advertising , SKY spreads the idea that you can subscribe to pay TV spending only € 11. The statement is false because the package cheaper than SKY costs 24 € a month, except movies and sport. In the advertising that is not clearly defined promotion is related to a reduction in time. If the reason to give antitrust Adiconsum, SKY suffer the fourth conviction for false advertising. "

of 'mischief' that combines the well-known pay-TV I already wrote .....

The original page on the site Adiconsum here: http: / /

It also speaks of PierLiugi Totardo ZeusNews here:



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