Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too Much Conditioner Unhealthy


Part of the new semester acting course

Book lesson / free trial, at 346/1099563 or 099/4591294 to be held Friday, November 27, 2009 from 18:30. The HERMES

ACADEMY was founded in November of 2007, with three main objectives: the acting school and training of professional actors, the search for new forms of entertainment and a laboratory for the development of communication and the person. It offers two types of courses: professional and free, that is open to everyone, even those who have no professional intentions. There are no age limits. The training course followed by each student provides, in addition to traditional teachings, as diction, diaphragmatic breathing and the setting of the voice, a series of innovative courses, such as the development of creativity and improvisation. The course of development of creativity is directed towards the research and the discovery of the personality of the actor in order to strengthen and develop, through a training process of the student, who learns to use the basic methods of improvisation theater by development of creative mechanisms for the construction of stories, to the theater for the attention and listening exercises.

The course includes two lessons a week, two hours each.
Duration: December 2009-June 2010 (with essay finale)
Luogo: Hermes's House
Insegnante: Luigi Pignatelli
Costi: (escluso la lezione-prova) euro 30,00 mensili + euro 15,00 (solo il primo mese) per tessera associazione Associazione Hermes - Taranto
[Corsi di recitazione, danza, canto, scrittura creativa / Stage, saggi ed esami in sede / Organizzazione eventi, mostre, spettacoli]
Direttore Artistico: Luigi Pignatelli
Via Pupino, #90 - 74100 Taranto
Tel. 346/1099563 - 099/4591294

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