Monday, July 9, 2007

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Elitel: it seems to pass bad times .....

From what we read online a few days it looks like the phone company ' Elitel ' is having a hard time .... on the various forums and blogs, there are thousands of reports of telephone services and / or adsl broken since the day July 4.

Point Computer , ZeusNews and other online tests indicate problems.

At first Elitel has justified the same thing with a 'big failure' to their central (or those of Telecom Italy), but then there are widespread rumors began to circulate, I do not know if true or not, that 'Milan-based company has a debt to Italian telecom approximately EUR 106 million, debt is not honored ..... and then from 3/7/2007 to Telecom started the progressive detachment of all voice lines and broadband 'turn' to Elitel.

Today the situation is not at all clear, nothing appears on the website of the Company to date, no official statement, the mass-media institutions (newspapers printed , TG, TV, etc.. ), Unless I have missed, make no mention of what .... the fact is that about 400,000 customers Elitel are currently no telephone and no adsl.

Under "about us" site there 'a passage that I think' interesting ':

In March 2007, 58% of Elitel Telecom was acquired by Vive la Vie SpA and Telva Vive la Vie SpA SpA is a leading operator of integrated services in the convergence of telecommunications and Information Technology. The acquisition was part of a plan of strategic realignment under which Vive la Vie Telva and provide an important operational support and financial position to support the implementation the new business plan of the Group.

Some useful links I found where it speaks of the thing: 1 2 3

UPDATE 09/07/2007 at 20:30 of the : I wrote above that "... the mass-media institutions (newspapers printed, TG television, etc..), unless I have missed, make no mention of what ... "is NOT true .... on 'Republic' is out of 07/07/2007 this article.




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