Sunday, January 28, 2007

How To Make Boats For Guinea Pigs

La Fonera: chronicle of a revival .....

.... okay, I was a bit depressed and I had really set aside ... Today Sunday, 28/01 I've recovered from the drawer where I had closed .... had a bit of dust, the poor ...

The intention was to try once again to make it work (there are thousands of Foneros that works, I who am the fool?) And I must say that today

I DID IT !!!!!

Apart scasinato some parameter that I had in previous attempts, I realized today that the blame for all the failure was simply the key Wi-Fi USB Ericsson (model HA692) which obviously is not compatible ( of course I also tried to reinstall the drivers) ....

It remains strange that, with the same stick Ericsson, the first installation was like 'na viola ... then, obviously, and probably in updating the firmware from Fon in late November 2006, something happened that made 'no longer compatible' .... and the same key Wi-Fi Ericsson continues to go well when used with my usual home router (a Siemens Atlantis 50 will be a case?) ..... well, weird ...

tests today were done with a USB Wi-Fi D-Link (model 7018 NMU 02), the fact is that one does not miss a shot, both private and public network.

At this point I do not know what Wi-Fi compatible accessories and what not, with Fonera But I would advise those who have difficulties to operate properly the subject English
  • before pulling down four saints because your PC does not connect or you still have problems navigating try a different brand and / or model of key / accessory Wi-Fi computer side ...

the evening then I wrote a small report on how it is configured my complete with pictures and comments ... maybe someone could come in handy. E 'available:
  • Here - HTML version, available online via the broswer (Firefox, I. Expl., Opera, etc.).
  • and here - version. PPS Microsoft PowerPoint, download and view them offline (requires PowerPoint by Microsoft) - about 1.2 Mb
Ps: Now repositioned on the roof, connected to an omnidirectional antenna from 9 / 10 db gain ... then these days I do some tests to see "how far ago ..."



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